Human Resources


Cause when I’m on the road, I be on a roll
I mean you can hold me down, but I’m not your home
Riding with my niggas we the ones they chose
Running through the city like, “I know you know!”
Yeah, my name is PARTY and the trigger finger function
Silly nigga might lose his life on assumption
Young nigga from the city
Ain’t shit pretty, but my bitch and my mama
Anyone can get the drama, (even the Dalai Lama)
Strippers in the club and my cup’s half empty
Riding with my niggas, cause my niggas understand me
Still on plan A, pussy niggas on plan B
Just a young rich nigga, you don’t have to understand me forever

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Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz

Fuck it… it’s a summer anthem.

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